What is Amina's soap used for?

Amina’s soap is extremely mild and moisturising. Unlike regular soaps that are very drying to the skin, Amina’s soap can be used for very dry and sensitive skin. It can be used for :

  • Washing face and removing makeup.
  • Entire body and even hair.
  • Shaving.
  • For very sensitive and allergy prone skin.
  • For Babies and delicate skin.


Can I use Amina’s soap on babies? 

Yes, it is very mild and suitable for babies from day 1.


Can anyone use Amina's soap and skin care products or are they for babies and those with allergies?

The soap and products are suitable for all. From babies to children, teenagers adults and the elderly. Being mild they are suitable for all ages and all types of skin.


Can I use Amina’s skin care products for allergy prone and sensitive skin?

Yes, all the range has been specially formulated for allergy prone and sensitive skin.


How does Amina’s soap differ from traditional soap?

There are several differences:

1. Olive oil used: Amina’s soap is made from extra virgin cold pressed food grade olive oil of the finest qualities. Whereas traditional soaps use either refined olive oil (not fit for human consumption), old olive oil, or pumice olive oil (that is olive oil that is obtained from the processing of the remains of the pips and olive pulp after pressing).    2. Amina's soap is made in a Cold process: which means that it is made using oils that are merely warmed and mixed with the lye to produce soap. In traditional soap making the oils and lye are cooked over fire for long periods of time. This cooking affects the qualities of the oils that are sensitive to heat. 3. Lye: the amount of lye used ( what turns oils into soap) in amina’s soap is an absolute minimum to allow saponification and to maintain the mildness of the soap.The type of the lye is pharmaceutical grade alkali that is of controlled quality (98% pure) and maintains the impurities to a minimum. 4. Ingredients: Amina's soap is made from 100% certified organic oils and ingredients.


Why are there no preservatives in Amina’s Skin care products?

The beauty of switching to 100% natural skin care is that you no longer have to think about all the harmful preservatives and chemicals you’re depositing onto your face and body on a daily basis. This comes with a condition however. We at Amina’s Skin Care are proud of the fact that using our products means that we can rely on our senses again. We can rely on our sight and smell to know whether the product we are looking at or smelling is fresh or not so fresh. We no longer need to worry about harmful chemicals masking smell and appearance of the hidden bacteria that only testing in a laboratory will reveal their presence. Although our natural skin care creams are extremely advanced in terms of performance and the look and feel of the products, the fact remains that without synthetic preservatives, they usually don’t last as long as their mass-produced synthetic counterparts. We believe that shelf life begins from the day that the product is made and bottled.

There are still a few steps you should follow to make sure your creams stay as fresh and effective as possible for as long as possible: 1. Keep them cool. For the products to perform in the way it was designed, it needs to be kept cool away from sunlight – and this is the same for many natural skin products.             2. Have clean dry hands or spatulas before dipping your fingers into a jar. 3. Once opened they should be used up as soon as possible. Any amount left in the jar for more than a week to ten days without using should be inspected for any changes in appearance. If any darkening patches are observed then please discard. The oil blends and ointments being free from water do not require preservatives and have a naturally long shelf life. The soaps, shower wash and shampoo don not require preservative either and so also have a long shelf life. We know that there are several natural preservatives available however, we have opted not to use them because many, although natural tend to be irritants and cause reactions in sensitive skin and babies.


What are the sodium and potassium hydroxides seen in the soap and liquid soaps?

To make soap both bar soap and liquid soap there needs to be a chemical reaction between the oils and an alkali. In this reaction that is called saponification the oils combine with the alkali (sodium or potassium hydroxide) to produce a new combination that is no longer oil or lye but is a separate product known as soap. Without alkali there can be no reaction to make the oils turn into soap.


How do Amina’s Skin Care Products work in resolving skin irritations?

Being natural and made from skin loving and nourishing oils helps keep the skin moisturised. While the herbs that are included help cool, heal and regenerate the skin. Restoring its health, elasticity and promoting it as the body’s natural barrier from allergens and irritations.


Can I have a reaction from any of the creams?

Although we have done our best in making all our products suitable for sensitive and allergy prone skin by using only mild natural ingredients and using only lavender essential oil (most appropriate for allergies) and no preservatives. Nevertheless some allergies and sensitivities might still occur in some individuals that have very specific allergies.

So if you know or suspect that you are allergic to certain ingredients then please test the products on a small area of skin such as wrist or side of the cheek prior to full application. We have done our best but there will be rarely some people who are allergic even to some of our natural ingredients.


How can I reduce the appearance of age spots and fine lines?

The best combination is the Pure Castor oil applied to all areas where the age spots are appearing followed by the pure rose hip seed oil on all the fine lines. Massage in the Rosehip Cream as a final moisturiser. This combination will visibly reduce their appearance of age spots , fine lines and reduce the intensity of those already there.


Why is there no conditioner in the range?

We believe in deeply conditioning and nourishing the hair. This is best done as a pre wash and left in as long as possible to truly nourish and repair the hair. Please consult the hair section for advise on methods.