Hair, Sun & Heat

A few easy steps to make your relaxing day by the sea or pool moisturise and nourish your hair and skin...

Tomatoes & Sunlight

We all know exposure to sunlight is the main cause of many skin problems from photosensitivity ( becoming sensitive to sunlight), sunburn, photo-aging and cancer...

Tired, Puffy eyes

Too many late nights, lack of sleep and computer screens are the main causes of tired puffy eyes...

Foot Care

Delicate and easy ways ways to treat and pamper your feet so they are soft and comfortable.

Nail Polish

Many women and their little girls love to paint their nails... I have been asked several times about which chemicals to avoid and which brands are safe. Here is a brief description of the chemicals used in nail polish and where to find safe brands.


In recent years there has been a lot of research about the effectiveness and side effects of sunscreens. This has shown that from the 1000 brands tested 4 of every 5 did not protect from the sun and contained harmful chemicals that posed serious health risks.