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زيت السيترونيلا الطيار العضوي

زيت السيترونيلا الطيار العضوي

زيت السيترونيلا الطيار العضوي

Cymbopogon Nardus

لزيت السيترونيلا رائحة الليمون القوية.

معروف بخواصه المضادة للإلتهاب والمضادة للبكتيريا. منعش ويساعد في علاج الاكتئاب.

السيترونيلا معروف كطارد للحشرات ويبقيها بعيدا.

*يمكن أن يسبب تحسس أو تهيج الجلد في حال استخدم مركزا.

*لا ينبغي استخدامه مباشرة على الجلد دون تخفيف. يجب تجنب استخدامه للأطفال والحوامل.

من الممكن مزجه مع النعناع والملالوكا.

هذا المنتج يحتوي على:

Cymbopogon Nardus (Citronella) Leaf Oil.


1. Natural Insect Repellent: Has been registered as a gentle, plant-based insect repellent. For best results apply about every 60-30 minutes for its' bug-repelling effects to last. You can combine several drops with shower oil and spread it on your body like a lotion, or add 10 drops to a spray bottle with water.

2. Uplifting Stress Reducing: With its citrusy scent it can be both uplifting and relaxing. Diffuse 4 drops it in your home or office. 

3. Natural Perfume & Room Spray: With its clean, fresh scent similar to lemon you can naturally deodorize your home, dishwasher, refrigerator and laundry machine. To make a natural room freshener, put 4 drops of oil along with water into a spray bottle. By running a cycle to freshen your household appliances with a few drops of citronella.

4. Kitchen Cleaner: With strong antifungal and antibacterial properties, citronella oil can be used to help clean your kitchen, bathroom or household surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. Add 5 drops to spray bottle with water and some ethanol for an instant room freshener and surface wipe. 

5. Anti-fungal Anti-bacterial: Being both an antibacterial and antifungal essential oil, citronella can help with many common skin complaints, including athlete’s foot and acne. To use topically, always dilute it 2 drops with a tablespoon of carrier oil such as Calendula Shower Oil.

Citronella is most commonly used as a natural fragrant oil in insect repellents. Also used in beauty, household and perfume products. When inhaled, citronella can encourage relaxation and invigoration.

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