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Dead Sea Routine

Our Steps For Healthy Radiant Skin
Feel Relaxed & Less Stressed

Bathing in Dead Sea Salt can boost minerals, improve metabolism, soothe the skin and help to unwind..

Essential oils have an impact on wellbeing by helping to relax, Improve sleep and soothe the body and mind. Both indirect applications as well as inhaling their scents.


This routine pouch includes:

1 x Calm Dead Sea Salt

1 x Pure Dead Sea Salt

1 x Uplift Blend Essential Oil

1 x Lavender Blend Essential Oil

1 x Cotton Bath Infusion Bag (For Calm Dead Sea Salt)

1 x Hand made cotton pouch


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Follow these steps

Step 1: Soak in this soothing blend of Dead Sea Calm Salts. For best results, bathe in them at least once a week. A blend of  Dead Sea salt, chamomile flowers and high-grade extra virgin 
coconut oil, that will intensely soothe and moisturise your skin. Soaking regularly in Dead Sea Salts will soothe irritations and help heal your skin. Soak in this luxurious blend after cleansing your skin as part of your weekly full-body pampering routine.

Step 2: Hydrate with Amina’s Pure Dead Sea Salts. For best results, use at least once a week. This Pure Dead Sea Salt is to be enjoyed in its simplicity as nature intended it. Soak in these 
mineral rich salts and enjoy their therapeutic benefits: super rich in minerals that are easily absorbed by the skin. With incredible beauty benefits for skin, hair and body, not to mention healing and overall wellness for the mind and soul!

Step 3: Uplift your spirits with Amina’s Organic ‘Uplift’ Aroma Blend. Get in a good mood with this invigorating blend of lavender, lemon and bergamot essential oils. Offering a captivating yet 
relaxing mix of organic essential oils combined to help inspire your spirit and soothe your skin. Add 10-15 drops to our Dead Sea Pure salts, enjoy!

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