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Giving Back

At Amina’s we firmly believe in supporting the local community, organizations that support women empowerment and non for profit organizations that support persons with disabilities.
Our hand made cotton crochet leefahs ( loofahs) that are traditional bath scrubs. Sustainable and reusable without synthetics residue in the waste water.
We wrap or ceramic accessories with unbleached cotton wraps that are reusable around the home and eventually compostable. Rather than bubble wrap.
Our shopping bags are also unbleached cotton reusable bags and our cotton pouches use local natural dyed wool yarn from local sheep breeds woven by local communities.
We have designed bespoke ceramic pieces made locally that support local Charities . Some of these pieces are soap dishes that help maintain the soap dry between uses so that the soap bar is used to the very last bit and nothing is discarded. Again ceramic is an environmentally friendly soap dish rather than plastic soap dish.
These are the list of local charities we support at Amina’s
At our factory location we employ women refugees from the nearby Palestinian refugee camp in our olive harvest season and whenever we require additional helping hands in our factory.
14 women are involved in the making of Amina Skin Care packaging products. The core of Jordanian women-led communities consisting of women craft associations and home-business leaders that are directly involved in handmade productions. This work supports these women, livelihoods and their families.
Women of Azraq Sewing Group: The women community is a host community integrating Syrian refugee women members within the Azraq complex multi-ethnic community.
The sewing group provides a space for the women to meet and work together, as well as provide a livelihood for themselves and their families. Product: Unbleached cotton reusable tote bags, shopping bags and pouches.
Fekrati home-based business, South of Azraq: Home-based business employing Syrian refugee ladies. All of the women working in this workshop on sewing and crochet projects help contribute to their household incomes. Product:Cotton Crochet loofah products.
Khuzama Weal Nafal Safawi Women Charity, Safawi is a women’s charity employing women of Bedouin heritage to source and process local Jordanian sheep wool. Dyed with natural dyes Product: Awassi (local sheep breed) wool hand spun yarn used as strings for packaging pouches and wraps.
Shadia: is a physically disabled women who recently lost here job working at a local NGO due to their financial struggles and downsizing. She hand crochets our soft cotton leefahs. She is able to produce only 3 per day from the large loofah and some small loofah pouches. This work supplements her income and Product: Cotton Crochet loofah and loofah pouch.
The Bunayat Centre work to provide education and training for our students with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities to prepare them for the labour market. They empower students through their vocational training in ceramics and woodwork.
Product: Bespoke hand made ceramic accessories for the bath and home. Aroma diffusers, Cotton jar and soap plate.
Not a charity but a sustainable idea… Soap Charms: Using hand made ceramics, wood beads and left over soap pieces from soap cutting. Rather than discard these soaps pieces we use them to create these decorative pieces to be used in closets or bathroom for decorative purposes.
The negative impact COVID19 has had on NGO's has been immense. So much so that many of them are struggling to survive and provide the important services they offer our community here in Jordan. As a commitment to doing as much as we can we have charity collection box at our retail store in which Amina's Skincare places one Jordanian Dinar for every purchase as a donation to the "Al Hussein Society Jordan Center For Training & Inclusion".
For more information on their very crucial work for the Jordanian society please visit: